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"Because suffering in silence is no longer an option"

Give me a call. Let's briefly talk about what is going on. If it feels like a good fit, we will get an appointment scheduled. Calls to inquire about services are not documented.

I currently offer telehealth services. I provide services to bill insurance.

I was not a first responder, I worked closely with them. I used to tell myself the same things: "Everyone I know is like this", "This is how I was trained", "This is normal for this line of work". I get it- I get the stigma, I get the fear and the awkwardness of the idea of sitting down and talking about feelings. It's not what you think. Give me a call, let's see if I'm a good fit and I'll answer all the questions you have without you having to ask them.

Every provider knows that we won't be a good fit for everyone, and that's ok! I tell people frequently that often times you have to "shop around" until you find a good fit. All I care about is that you get the help you need. If it doesn't seem like I'm a good fit for you, please let me know and I will be happy to refer you to a list of providers to try out.

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